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Additional Services

Headlight Restoration

Headlights looking dull and yellow? It’s time to have them professionally refinished and restored.

That discolouration is caused by oxidisation of the headlights’ protective coating, thanks to UV light and everyday wear and tear. Not only does it make a car look old and poorly maintained – however shiny the paintwork – but it dramatically reduces the headlights’ light output. And it’s neither safe nor fun to drive at night when you can’t see the road ahead.

Refinishing headlights is a quick and easy process, and a whole lot cheaper than replacing the lamp. We gently remove the old, faded finish, polishing the lens to make it bright and clear again. Then we apply a new UV-rated gel coating to protect the lamp’s surface, giving it many more years’ faithful service – and a bright new look for the car.

Contact us today to get those headlights shiny and bright.


Bumper repairs

Minor bumper scrapes and gouges are annoying, unsightly, and sadly inevitable – unless your car never leaves the garage, and where’s the fun in that?

But with our Micro Repair and spot-blending techniques, Final Touch can restore minor damage to bumpers and small areas. We can fill and re-colour minor scrapes without any need for re-spraying.

It’s a high-quality, cost-effective repair that gives a long-lasting finish – and we can do it onsite, anywhere that’s convenient for you.

To get your car looking like it never gets driven, give us a call today.


Alloy Wheel Repair

That scraping crunch and sinking feeling when you’ve kerbed your rims – it’s one of the worst things for people who care about their car’s appearance.

Scraped alloys tell prospective buyers that the car hasn’t been looked after, and even if you’re not selling they just take away that shiny ‘new car’ feel.

But don’t panic. With our specialist micro-repair techniques, we can come to you and repair your wheels onsite. It costs a fraction of what traditional repair methods did – and your wheels won’t let you down any more.

We’re also very well connected with other specialist repairers, so if the repair isn’t one we can take care of ourselves we can still recommend the best in the business. In many cases we can even co-ordinate the repair work for you.

Just talk to us today.

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