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Cut and Polish Restoration

Cut and Polish Restoration

A Cut and Polish Restoration by Final Touch is the best way to restore your vehicle’s paint finish to original condition.

Paint is about more than making a car look good; it also protects the body from rust so it stays on the road. That’s why it’s so important to properly maintain paintwork – beside the obvious benefit of having a car everyone admires.

Our cutting process removes any scratches and paint imperfections, while our polishing process results in a high-gloss finish without annoying swirls.

That genuine ‘swirl-free polish’ is all thanks to our methods and technology, plus our partnership with leading brands.

We’re preferred partners with GPI Automotive, which imports and distributes the Meguiars range of professional car care products. When it comes to new techniques and products we’ll only partner with the best, to keep us up there with industry leaders, and to make sure that we take excellent care of your car.

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Cut and Polish Restoration

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