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Final Touch Cut & Polish, Detailing Services:


Cut & Polish Detailing.

We continue to develop and improve the standard of our Cut–and-Polishing paint detailing. Our aim has always been to remove scratches and blemishes restoring car paintwork to an original shine and lustre rather than just coating in a high silicone wax to give a temporary shine. With our automotive exterior grooming and detailing we work hard do it right. Because, we know it’s happy customers who recommend us and keep coming back.

We’re sure that you will find the results to be very worth while, and long lasting. We do provide options for those who desire a super glossy show class finish. Where this process really stands above the rest is in darker colour paint finishes. Getting this right is critical to overall appearance of the vehicle. What’s more, our three-stage process for producing the best show room finish can have paint protection applied to seal in the finish.

More than a cut and polish!

Once you have achieved the ultimate shine it’s worth investing in protecting that shine for many years to come. That’s where our selection of paint sealants come into play. We only supply and apply products that we use on our own vehicles. DuraSeal and Optimum Care Care Products – OptiCoat Pro and Pro Plus. If your pride and joy has been through too many car washes and has lost its shine, let us do a test panel for you to see how we can restore it back to its former glory, or better.

Countless hours have been invested in testing and retesting to provide a combination of equipment and compounds designed to produce an incredibly fine paint finish. A finish that looks and feels like glass. 

Producing excellent depth and shine needs a correctly prepare the paint surface, correct remove of environmental pollutants before and cutting and polishing is started. The true test of any paint correction is to remove all the compounds (post cutting/ buffing) with wax and grease remover. Then see just how glass like the surface is, free of holograms and swirls.

Our IDA industry leading techniques utilise an oscillating motion that mimics hand-polishing (amplified many thousands of times). Providing a much smoother deeper shine. This equipment and testing is a significant investment is our service. Our approach to providing the ultimate achievable vehicle shine is to be a leader in the industry. There will always be developments and improvements. What you can be sure of is; we will be right there looking, listening taking notes and testing. We work closely with our key partner suppliers Meguiar’s Car Care Products and Rupes power tools to redefine the expectations of vehicle presentation.

Full Final Touch process below


Prepare the paint surface to highest achievable standard, cleaning the surface of all contaminants. Including, tar, bee pollen, water calcification spotting and other environmental pollution. This allows the surface to be cut polished and clarity finished to a glass like deep gloss look.


Carefully match a colour that provides a smooth blended look for each repaired stone chip. Spray the paint directly into the chip filling it from bottom to top – slightly over-flowing. The paint is applied in a manner that reduces shrinkage through the drying process, providing for a strong long lasting automotive paint grade finish, protecting the damaged area and preserving the look and feel.


Following a correct amount of drying time, the excess paint (overflow) is gently wiped back from the surface. This is achieved through the use of unique Formula. Formula 184/185 are what sets our system apart from others, designed to allow upper layers of paint to be removed without stripping the paint from the chip itself, the gentle formulation also ensures that the colour-match stays true which is particularly important in lighter colours and metallic paints. It also has the added benefit of a polishing action that actually enhances the gloss and finish of the original paint finish.

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Have a Question?

What Types Of Repairs Can Be Done?

The Final Touch Small Area Repair Technology (S.M.A.R.T) repair process can deal with just about any car paint defect. The Final Touch process specialises in repairing stone chips. 

  1. Clean back the chip
  2. Colour match the paint
  3. Spray Paint into the chip (where feasible)
  4. Allow the paint to dry back
  5. Remove excess paint with their unique Formula 184 

Other areas where the Final Touch guys shine are in paint reconditioning. Full cut polish and clarity refine, that gives a full mirror finish. 

  • Water Spot Removal
  • Corrective Cut Polish Clarity Refine
  • Paint Protection
  • Interior Protection
  • Interior Exterior Grooming and Detailing
What Brands & Equipment Do You Use?

Final Touch use the best products from Meguiar’s and Rupe’s. When Combined these brands provide exceptionally high levels of paint correction while protecting & preserving the clear coat. It’s important to note that many ‘groomer’ still use the older rotary style machines which easily burn the clear coat and leave holograms and swirls etched into the paint surface. 

In contrast, you will find the Final Touch guys are right up with the play on international detailing standards. What’s more, the Final Touch guys have there very own edge on the stone chip repair market, with their spray and wipe chip repair process.

Tip & Tricks For Maintaining That Shine

When cleaning a vehicle try to remove the heavier dirt items with a higher pressure wash. Follow this with a good emulsifying cleaner that releases the dirt form the paint surface. Minimising scratching. Wash top down, cleaning the wheels last with a specific brush. Always dry the vehicle back and never wash hot paint, as this risks etching in water spots.

Our recommendation is toi use a high quality sealant like DurSeal or OptiCoat Pro, to minimise the need for polishing and waxing. However, when polishing or waxing, ensure the paint surface is cool and vehicle is away form direct sunlight. Apply in uniform motion following manufacturers directions.

Often forgotten until it's really bad. Care of your vehicle glass is important for the long term value and overall feeling of ownership. If your glass has got water spots on it, it's possible we may be able to remove them. However, some glass is quite soft and very easily etched by water spots.

The Final Touch Guarantee To You

Your Final Touch operator treats your vehicle with the respect they would have for their own and undertake their services in a professional manner. Seeking the highest possible standards. Having discussed the process and expected results with you before hand. If for any reason you are unhappy with their service feel free to contact us and arrange a visit to put it right.