Saving fleet costs is easier than you think.

By using our unique and patented Final Touch services and SmartChip® paint repair technology to help repair, protect or maintain your fleet you can save money.

How? By extending the lease-cycle of your vehicles (>12 months on average), saving on expensive lease return charges, or reducing capital expenditure while still protecting your assets and maintaining your valuable corporate image.

Key Benefits


Save Time and Money

Our proprietary SmartChip® paint repair technology can transform the appearance of vehicles to a near new factory look at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. When combined with our other core services we have the resources and expertise to repair minor paint damage, scuffs and surface scratches extending the lease cycle or saving $$$ on lease return costs.


Keep Vehicles Cleaner for Longer

Applying specialist high performance Ceramic Coatings or 3M / STEK PPF Films protects your valuable investment from our classic NZ conditions like minor impact abrasions, bird droppings, tree sap, sunscreen prints, tar and road film, salt spray and high UV. 


Drive More.
Wash Less.

Final Touch has helped many local businesses keep their vehicles branding clean and allowed them to form positive lasting impressions with their customers, potential customers and staff.

Regular maintenance can be tailored to suit your individual business needs and we can easily come to you to ensure minimal disruption towards your day to day activities.

Our Point Of Difference

SmartChip Paint Repair Technology

Our proprietary SmartChip paint repair technology can transform the appearance of vehicles to a near new factory look at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional techniques.

When combined with our other core services we have the resources and expertise to help our corporate customers repair-protect-and maintain vehicles, trucks and capital equipment saving thousands of dollars and helping them form positive lasting relationships with customers, potential customers and their staff.

Common Questions

What does it cost? How much can I save?

On average Final Touch reduces lease return costs to a low $500 per vehicle, potentially saving you $1000’s across each vehicle in your fleet. Lease returns costs typically reach in excess of $1500 per vehicle charged in addition to your normal lease agreement.

We also partner with other leading providers to take care of the repair of minor dents, dings and wheel curbs if required. Saving you valuable time and more $$$ on lease return charges per vehicle/ panel.

What are the benefits of Ceramic Coatings like Newcoat or Duraseal?

Ceramic coatings are excellent for locking in that new or near new car paint finish and maintaining the gloss. They also reduce the need for washing, make it easier to wash, and even reduce the amount of water and chemicals you use when you do wash the vehicle.

Therefore, they may also align with your environmental and corporate responsibility goals.

When should I consider PPF Film?

To protect against:

  • Door Cups: scratches from fingernails, rings, or car keys
  • Door Edges: Chips, scrapes to the paint from contact with walls or other vehicles
  • Top of Rear Bumper: Scratches and scrapes from loading and unloading items from boot compartments e.g. tools or boxes
  • Door Sills: Scratches and scrapes from work boots, hard footwear, or lots of use.

Optically clear, new UV Stabilised film is non-yellowing compared to older versions.

Virtually eliminates stonechips, scratches and paint damage in high impact areas.

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