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Fleet Appearance Management

Dirt Can Hurt

Whether you lease or own, have you considered how a dirty fleet impacts your companies public image?  Consider the last time you saw a competitors vehicle in an unkempt state. Was it dirty, scratched, or had stone chips spoiling the look and feel of their brand? These types of imperfections can also communicate the wrong message about your company to the public. Good fleet management is understanding the many benefits of a well presented mobile billboard.

Some corporate companies are well known for keeping their fleet vehicles well presented. Which communicates a positive message to existing and potential customers. With over 25 years of helping Kiwi’s repair, protect and maintain the look and feel of their vehicles. Final Touch is the go-to company for all your leet vehicle appearance needs.


More Than Just Appearance

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Regular detailing maintenance helps to promote a clean attractive image while offering long term protection from environmental damage.

Ease of Cleaning

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Ceramic paint coatings help to reduce cleaning time while making it easier to remove, insects, tar, tree sap and bee pollen from the surface.

Long Term Damage

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Dirt and grit can gradually wear off vehicle signwriting negatively impacting your brands’ appearance.


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Good paint protection can provide lasting protection from UV damage to the sign writing and clear coat.


Experience how our corporate detailing services make your sign written vehicles glow.

Paint Chip Repairs

Our SMART paint chip repairs – spray colour correct paint into the chip.

Paint Coatings

Experience how ceramic paint protection can help your corporate vehicles look sharp.

Headlight Repair

Stay compliant, stay safe with our headlight reconditioning service.

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Clean And Seen

As NZ’s automotive appearance specialists. Final Touch has built a business on helping other businesses like yours keep their vehicles branding clean and seen which has allowed them to form positive lasting impressions on their customers and potential customers.

Our SMART repair process is centered around providing quality small area repairs, through to full paint surface detailing. For that extra protection, we supply and apply quality ceramic paint coatings. In addition, our fleet detailing management programmes are designed to suit your requirements and work in with you.


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Small Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) repairs are the backbone to 25 plus of Final Touch success in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and The United Kingdom. Where we spray colour correct paint into the chip, leaving a smooth blended, lasting repair. In addition, Final Touch have become respected for their mirror finish, swirl and hologram free cut and polish techniques.

Form a safety perspective, our headlight repair process restores the clarity of the UV damaged plastics. Providing OEM levels of light throw distance.


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Final Touch offer a tested and proven range of ceramic coatings. We are approved applicators of Dura-Seal G4/ Premium and Optimum OptiCoat Pro and Pro Plus ceramic coating products.


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As a trusted and recognised brand in detailing, we work with key automotive dealerships throughout New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and The United Kingdom. Our fleet management programs offer a flexible range of maintenance scheduling options. Helping you maintain the longevity of your fleet.

IDA Association

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In 2017 Final Touch began the process of building relationships with those who sought to set industry-wide standards for detailing to attain to. The IDA (International Details Association) stood out as an organisation who could bring about worldwide standards and recognition for detailers. We continue to advance our operators in IDA standards and protocols.

At Ease With Fees

Whether it’s 2 or 200+ vehicles, Final Touch services have been proven to significantly reduce lease return fees. This is achieved through SMART repairs that remove or reduce the impact of visual imperfections in the paint. What’s more, our strategic alliances allow us to provide an overall vehicle reconditioning service, including dent repair, alloy wheel reconditioning, fabric and leather repairs.

Primary Lease Return Reconditioning Services:

  • Paint Chip Repairs
  • Paint Surface Correction and Detailing
  • Scratch Repair*
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Removal of Water Spots
  • Removal of Wash and Swirl Marks
  • Removal of Tar, Bee Pollen and Environmental Pollutants

Who Does This Suit?

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Business with leased or owned vehicles that are at the return stage of their life. Looking to save on fees or improve the resale value.

When To Do It?

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Final Touch SMART repairs should be done before the vehicle is inspected for lease return or trade-in value.

What Can Be Done?

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The Final Touch SMART repair services can restore most vehicle surfaces to a near new look and feel. With our partners, we can cover a wide range of aesthetic defects.

Why us?

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With a strong history in automotive detailing in the commercial sector. Final Touch has formed close relationships with key brands, including Aston Martin UK, Honda NZ, Maserati UK, Ford NZ, Mazda NZ etc.

For Information On Where We Help

Jason Lowe

Jason Lowe

Head Office

P: +64 (027) 281 43229

E: jason.lowe@finaltouch.co.nz

A: PO. Box 1083, Cambridge, New Zealand

Tip & Tricks For Maintaining That Shine

When cleaning a vehicle try to remove the heavier dirt items with a higher pressure wash. Follow this with a good emulsifying cleaner that releases the dirt from the paint surface. Minimising scratching. Wash top down, cleaning the wheels last with a specific brush. Always dry the vehicle back and never wash hot paint, as this risks etching in water spots.

Our recommendation is to use a high-quality sealant like DurSeal or OptiCoat Pro, to minimise the need for polishing and waxing. However, when polishing or waxing, ensure the paint surface is cool and the touch and is away from direct sunlight. Apply in uniform motion following manufacturers directions.

Often forgotten until it's really bad. Care of your vehicle glass is important for the long term value and overall feeling of ownership. If your glass has got water spots on it, it's possible we may be able to remove them. However, some glass is quite soft and very easily etched by water spots.

The Final Touch Guarantee To You

Your Final Touch operator treats your vehicle with the respect they would have for their own and undertake their services in a professional manner. Seeking the highest possible standards. Having discussed the process and expected results with you beforehand. If for any reason you are unhappy with their service. Contact us and arrange a visit to put it right.