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For many of us, our cars are a source of complete infatuation. Big ones. Small ones. Classics. Our first car was a rite of passage, as memorable as our first love. For many, it was just that.

Our cars have remained a talisman, as much a part of defining our character as the clothes we stand up in. A song may remind us of a time and place, but it was our cars that took us there.

It was this love affair with our cars that saw the birth of Final Touch. One of the biggest headaches for lovestruck car owners was stone chips. They took value off the cars and shine off the relationship. Before Final Touch, if you wanted to repair these properly, it meant days off the road, whole panels replaced, the sort of high expense out of the reach of most people. Then, in 1993, a Kiwi attitude to things changed all that. Now, for less than the cost of a single re-sprayed panel, chips and any other paint damage can be repaired to like-new, buffed and back on the road – without the car ever moving.

Because the Final Touch system is not only the best paint repair technology available – like your beloved wheels – it is completely mobile. It comes to you. It’s a system that created a company and its driving mission in life: Add value at every turn.

 Final Touch

Adding value at every turn.

Paint chip repairs

It’s our ‘Spray and Wipe’ Automotive Paint Stone Chip Repair Process that really sets us apart. The ‘Final Touch’ process is unique in its ability to achieve an exceptionally smooth paint chip repair. What’s more, it has been setting the benchmark for the S.M.A.R.T Paint repair industry in New Zealand since 1993.

This process of airbrushing paint into the chip greatly enhances the vehicle’s appearance. With over 25 years of continued system development Final Touch has developed an unparalleled yet simple process that has stood the test of time. The process is NOT a coloured polish system or ink. We replace the missing paint with carefully matched automotive grade paint providing a blended smooth look. Disguising the appearance of chips, while enhancing the look and value.

The Final Touch process can make an average vehicle exceptional and SOLD significantly quicker.

* Deals - Warranty Information

While our deals are very sharply priced, there’s no compromise on quality.

Both the three and five-year paint coating warranty packages require yearly checkups. These checkups cover the following items:

  • Paint Surface Decontamination & Tar Removal
  • Clay Bar
  • Test Smoothness Of Coating Surface
  • Top Up Coating Where Required

 Yearly maintennace cost: $180 inclsuive.



Dealership Services

Ask your Final Touch operator about their in-house training opportunities available for your grooming staff. Your Final Touch operator works to an IDA standard and is skilled in assisting your staff to further enhance your bottom line through skills acquisition.

For technical questions and help finding an operator, or to talk to one of our experts and all other enquiries. 

General Enquiries & Head Office

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The Process

The Final Touch Process

The remarkable thing about the Final Touch Paint Repair system is the technology that allows such effective results with a relatively simple process. Our Spray and Wipe system achieves remarkable results even on quite heavily chipped paintwork

Step One

Prepare the paint surface to highest possible standard, cleaning the surface of all contaminants; tar, bee pollen, water spots, and other environmental pollution, allowing the surface to be cut and polished to a glass-like deep gloss look. Your Final Touch operator can provide the highest of quality exterior detailing and vehicle grooming.

Step Two

Carefully match a colour that provides a smooth blended look for each repaired stone chip. Spray the paint directly into the chip filling it from bottom to top slightly over-flowing. The sprayed into the paint chip to reduce shrinkage through the drying process, providing for a durable, long lasting automotive paint grade finish, protecting the damaged area and preserving the look and feel.

Step Three

Following a correct amount of drying time, the excess paint (overflow) is removed from the surface. We use a unique Formula; Formula 184/185 is what sets our system apart from others, designed to allow excess layers of paint to be removed, without stripping the paint from around the chip, the gentle formulation also ensures that the colour-match stays true which is particularly vital in lighter colours and metallic colours.

About Us

For over 25 years, Final Touch has helped vehicle owners all over New Zealand get that new car feeling.

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