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Car Pro; Makers of New Zealand's Finest Vehicle Detailing Products

At Final Touch our passion is to be at the forefront of detailing technology so our customers can enjoy the difference between living with and loving their vehicles appearance.

Car Pro is a leader in detailing nanotechnology, setting a benchmark in vehicle preparation, protection and maintenance products. Together with Final Touch they strive to offer the most complete line of in-house engineered products for all your car care purposes.

We all love driving our cars and, making them dirty. If you are wanting to get the right CarPro® product to keep your vehicle looking its best for longer, then talk to your local Final Touch expert.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why CarPro®?

As a leader in detailing nanotechnology, CARPRO New Zealand strives to offer the most complete line of in-house engineered products for all car care purposes.

CarPro® was established in 2009 by people who love their cars with a mission to make exceptional detailing products available to enthusiasts. Their vision and advanced technologies brought coatings like CQUARTZ to the market when ceramic coatings were still unknown in western countries. CarPro® was the original creator of nanotechnology car detailing products and continues to bring new professional car detailing products and innovative ideas to the marketplace. From interior coatings and cleaners to well-known ceramic coating brands, they have something for every car care need. Your vehicle deserves the ultimate protection and CarPro® has the products that deliver professional results.

Now available through any of your Final Touch operators.

How do I know what product to use?

Final Touch prides itself on being the approachable experts and our operators are experienced to help you work out which product is best for your needs. Also check out the CarPro NZ website for more details on getting the right product to provide the ultimate results to prepare, protect and maintain your vehicle.

How do I order CarPro® products?

A number of our Final Touch branches will have a range of CarPro® products available in-store, or our operators can order it for you at normal retail prices. If you prefer you can even order it online at and have it delivered to your door.

Does CarPro® have Ceramic Coatings?

The CQUARTZ line with its accompanying products is one of the benchmarks in vehicle protection. This range is designed for all surfaces and purposes. Included are:

  • Ceramic coatings
  • Glass coatings
  • Interior coatings
  • Sealants

How do I look after my car to keep it looking like new?

CarPro®’s detailing preparation line includes all products designed to restore your vehicle’s paint to showroom quality, before applying a CQUARTZ coating or Polish:

  • Washing
  • Decontamination
  • Oil residue removal
  • Water spot removal
  • Claying and polishing

Can CarPro® help me maintain my vehicle’s appearance to keep it looking better for longer?

The CarPro® maintenance line of aftercare products ensures we can help you keep your vehicle in showroom condition, while providing all means of preserving and enhancing the performance of ceramic coats.

  • Washing
  • Paint rejuvenation
  • Sealants
  • Jewelling
Thank you SO much!

Used Final Touch for the first time last week. I wish I knew about these guys years ago. My car’s finish now looks pretty close to new – and it’s 20 years old. I am thrilled. Not only is the outcome looking fantastic, the customer service was spot on. Liam made everything easy.

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Valarie Lowe, Christchurch
Couldn’t be happier with Darryl and the team!

Stopped in to get the stone chip touch up for my Suzuki Swift, well worth the price. Only regret was not getting it done sooner!

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Rae Dennison