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Electric Vehicle Protection

The very best protection for your EV

There are many benefits of owning an EV, including that they will save you money on fuel costs and future maintenance. But have you considered how to protect the outside of your EV?

Final Touch’s exclusive EV Protection Packages cover everything you need to keep your EV looking better for longer and make it easier to clean and maintain the exterior paintwork of your new EV. Check out one of our Ceramic Coating or PPF Film Packages.

We can help you look after your EV with the best products to protect from stone chip damage, road film, UV, salt, tar and other contaminants. For the ultimate protection contact us. PPF film currently available at our Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Whangarei branches.

Thank you SO much!

Used Final Touch for the first time last week. I wish I knew about these guys years ago. My car’s finish now looks pretty close to new – and it’s 20 years old. I am thrilled. Not only is the outcome looking fantastic, the customer service was spot on. Liam made everything easy.

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Valarie Lowe, Christchurch




Exterior pH neutral wash and decontamination 
Waterspot Removal
SmartChip® Paint Repair If required
Surface Defect Correction
Paint Enhancement
Wheel clean and apply tyre dressing 
PPF: Front bumper
PPF: Full Bonnet
PPF: Front Guards
PPF: Headlights
PPF: A Pillars
PPF: Wing Mirrors
PPF: Lower Doors and Sills
PPF: Rear Wheel Arches
PPF: Top of Rear Bumper
Pricing (Estimate - your operator will confirm)
From $2,500
From $3,200 Most Popular
From $3400
Ceramic Coating Applied to all exterior paint surfaces
Add $600
Add $600
Add $600
Time to Complete
2 - 3 Days
3 - 5 Days
3 - 5 Days
Ideal For
Entry level package to correct paintwork defects and protect from daily wear and tear.
Premium Protection for EV owners wanting longer term and easier exterior maintenance.
Ultimate protection for the discerning EV owner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the process?

Step 1: Exterior decontamination: Firstly, we remove any build-up of surface grime or road film leaving a fresh clean surface for us to work on.

Step 2: Surface preparation: Secondly, we correct any surface defects from the factory paint work including minor paint defects, overspray or blemishes, and ensure the original paintwork has the best finish possible.

Step 3: Protection: Lastly, we lock in that new paint finish with one of our protection packages exclusive to Final Touch. This not only keeps the vehicle looking better for longer but makes maintenance a breeze.

How long does it take?

This really depends on what you want to be done and what the existing condition of the vehicle is. Best to talk to us first.

What brand of PPF film do you offer?

We work with Premium Shield and STEK films for their protection and longevity properties. They are optically clear, UV stabilised and non-yellowing. The film is 0.5mm thick and can self-heal over time from wash marks, swirls and minor abrasion impacts with exposure to heat from the sun or can be accelerated with expert help from one of our technicians.  Once applied it’s difficult to detect and is 100% removable if required.  The film holds tight to the vehicle surface and with its UV stabilised properties provides lasting stone chip, abrasion and light paint damage protection while looking sharp and smooth.

What areas should I do?

Our technicians will talk with you about how you use your vehicle, and this will help to determine which options best suits your needs long term.

Talk to us about what areas best suit your needs, and about our package options.

Do you offer this service nationwide?

No, not yet, unfortunately. We do offer some basic protection services in most areas, but our specialist Tesla Protection Package  at this stage is only available in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Whangarei regions.

What are the benefits of Ceramic Coatings?

Repel rain, mud, and dirt. Unlike wax or factory paint, a ceramic coating does a better job of protecting the exterior of the car. The best car coating products have hydrophobic properties and will make water and rain bead instead of a pool on the hood. Mud and acid rain splashed on the car slide off the smooth surface without leaving a stain. The same goes for snow, bird droppings, or ice as they roll off the car without sticking to its surface. This helps prevent UV damage, rust, and oxidation.

UV Protection. For the most part, leaving your car in the sun for too long tends to cause the car’s paint to fade and even crack. The ultraviolet rays of the sun have a destructive effect on the car’s surface. Many ceramic coating brands prevent this damage as well as other forms of corosion such as rust and oxidation.

Improved protection. With a ceramic coating for your cars paint, your car gets a semi-permanent layer of protection that bonds with the paint at the molecular level. That protective layer is tougher than the soft wax and can withstand ultra harsh treatment both from the terrain and the elements. In effect, you’re not just protecting the car paint, but also protecting the body of the car itself against scratches, chemicals, and anything else that gets thrown at it.

Glossy finish. Regular car waxes have a warm appearance that gets dull when left out in the open. This compares to a sharp candy appearance you can get with a ceramic top coat. It gives the car a high-gloss finish that doesn’t fade under the sun or with the passage of time.

What are the benefits of PPF?

Paint Protection PPF films mould to your car’s surface. They seal in the paint finish and can add an extra level of gloss, while adding a self-healing layer that is both durable and scratch resistant. Brilliant for high impact areas and those prone to scuffs and damage like Door Sills and Top of Rear Bumper. PPF offers you the ability to protect the look of your car without altering the colour.

Prevent stone chip damage and scuff marks in high impact areas (door sills, door handles, boot lids).
Modern films are non-yellowing and UV stabilised with a degree of self-healing ability while remaining optically clear.
Protects the long term appearance and value of vehicles.
Ideal for leasing, company vehicles, private motorists, transport and trucking companies.

Thank you SO much!

Used Final Touch for the first time last week. I wish I knew about these guys years ago. My car’s finish now looks pretty close to new – and it’s 20 years old. I am thrilled. Not only is the outcome looking fantastic, the customer service was spot on. Liam made everything easy.

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Valarie Lowe, Christchurch
Couldn’t be happier with Darryl and the team!

Stopped in to get the stone chip touch up for my Suzuki Swift, well worth the price. Only regret was not getting it done sooner!

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Rae Dennison