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Headlight Fixes

Repair not Replace- The very best in headlight restoration

Reverse the effects of aged, faded or yellowed headlights with our unique repair processes. Our repair system restores for years to come with a 2+ year lens coating system.

Restores faded, dull, UV damaged headlights at a fraction of the cost and to NZTA WOF standards.

Step 1: Surface preparation Step 2: Lens restoration Step 3: Polish

First we remove UV damage, oxidation and yellowing from the headlight.

We implement our lens restoration processes to repair the headlight, restoring clarity to the polycarbonate.

The headlight is coated with a 2+ year coating to ensure a long lasting durable finish that will keep you safer for longer.

Just headlight repair

I just want it fixed

Headlight repair

$120 - $180Depending on car

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Recommended Package: Silver Refresh

It's time to refresh my vehicle

SmartChip® stone chip repairs

Wash & surface decontamination

One Stage machine polish refresh

Interior clean & dressing

Leather clean & rejuvenation

High quality machine wax / sealant

$450 - $650 Depending on vehicle size

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Popular Add-ons

Customers who get a Headlight Repair also often get:

Leather and Fabric protection Protects from spills and UV

Wheel clean and tyre dressing Removes brake dust and grime

Glass cleaning and treatment (inside and out) Remove smears and water spotting and add repellent layer

Talk to your local operator about how we can help you get it all sorted in one go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take? How long does it last?

30 to 60 minutes. 2-year operator warranty. This is a proper repair system, not just a quick buff or polish.

Can you come to my house/ work/ superyacht?

Yes we can. But bear in mind we always want the best for you and your car. We have fully equipped mobile vans so we can come out to you, but sometimes we need to work in a more controlled environment in a workshop or garage depending on the weather.

Why is your system better than just a quick polish?

A lot of people just polish the headlight lens, removing the oxidation and yellowing. Some people even recommend using toothpaste! This is not a long term solution as the headlight will quickly yellow again within a few weeks or months. Our system uses a proper chemical reaction with the polycarbonate itself to restore clarity in the lens and prevent oxidation from happening again.

Do you fix the inside of headlights as well?

No, we don’t. But oxidation and yellowing is always on the outside of the lens, and not the inside.

Condensation on the other hand is on the inside of the headlight and usually requires replacing the whole headlight.

Thank you SO much!

Used Final Touch for the first time last week. I wish I knew about these guys years ago. My car’s finish now looks pretty close to new – and it’s 20 years old. I am thrilled. Not only is the outcome looking fantastic, the customer service was spot on. Liam made everything easy.

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Valarie Lowe, Christchurch
Couldn’t be happier with Darryl and the team!

Stopped in to get the stone chip touch up for my Suzuki Swift, well worth the price. Only regret was not getting it done sooner!

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Rae Dennison

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