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Lower vehicle costs, extend lease cycles, and protect your valuable corporate image.

We help lots of businesses keep vehicles looking better for longer. With Final Touch's proprietary SmartChip® paint repair technology and range of other services we can restore a vehicles appearance to a near new factory look at a fraction of the time or cost of traditional methods. If it involves restoring, protecting or maintaining a vehicle's appearance, we can help!

For over 25 years we have been helping dealerships sell vehicles faster, for increased value. Call us today, and find out how for only a few hundred dollars outlay, you can make thousands on your next car deal.

Fleet managers and SME's should also talk to us about how we can help save $$$ on lease returns, extend lease cycles and simplify vehicle maintenance for you and your staff, saving time, water and the environment.

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Key Services

If it involves restoring or protecting a vehicle, we can help! Some of our most popular commercial services:

SmartChip® paint repair

Protective Coatings and Films

Detailing (Exterior and Interior)

Headlight Repair

Signwriting Removal

Paint Overspray Removal

Alloy Bullbar and Tank Restoration

Graffiti Removal

Industries we help

Car Dealerships

Fleet / Leasing

Freight / Transport

Public Transport


Taxi / Ride Share


In Their Own Words

Overspray from maintenance at a busy city service station resulted in Final Touch coordinating with other local providers and insurance companies to minimise reconditioning costs and disruption to those clients affected, and protect BP’s valuable customer relationships.
Final Touch managed all the communications with the affected customers and really helped us deal with the situation quickly and without fuss
— John Smythe, Manager
Whangarei District Council (WDC) fleet coordinator Stephanie Te Rangi was looking for a solution to help the council keep up the appearance of their vehicle fleet better while also facing the challenges of water restrictions in the region. "The last thing we wanted was the public thinking that the council were wasting water cleaning vehicles when the whole district was in a drought". Final Touch introduced waterless car washing solutions and a regular maintenance plan was put in place to detail and look after the WDC fleet. A high quality wax application was added to protect against environmental contaminants and the high UV helping keep the WDC fleet looking better for longer with minimal hassle.
Final touch detail our Fleet vehicles and they are awesome.
I would definitely recommend them to look after your vehicles.
They are thorough, professional and keep our vehicles looking good.
Stephanie – Fleet Coordinator
Whangarei District Council
Graffiti on public transport became a big issue, and having to take buses out of service to effect repairs off-site created an expensive and logistical headache. Partnering with Final Touch we repair the damage quickly on-site and out of hours ensuring that a cost effective solution is achieved and the cities valuable public image maintained.
— Sunil Depot Manager
It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Final Touch Northland (Darryl Baillie and his team).
We have been using Final Touch to detail our NorthTec fleet vehicles for the past eight months and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates in town.

I am happy to recommend the service of Final Touch
Jane McAlpine
Asset-Campus sustainability Officer
At Followmont we pride ourselves on our fleet being in impeccable condition and with Final Touch we trust that this will always be the case. Whether it is a brand new unit or one that has been on the road for a while longer, we know that with the special touch from Final Touch, they will all look immaculate. The team is a pleasure to deal with, from the small jobs to the big jobs, we receive the same premium level of care and service that our fleet does.
— Will Fisher, GM Fleet & Compliance
Followmont Transport

3 Top Benefits of Partnering with Final Touch


1. Broad National Presence

We have over 25 years and a proven track record working with all major brands across multiple industries, including:

• Ford
• Mercedes-Benz
• Mitsubishi
• Honda
• Volvo
• Toyota
• Subaru

2. Exceptional Value for Money

Being workshop and mobile, together with our specialised systems and flexible range of services we save our customers time and money.

We help businesses keep vehicles looking better for longer, at a fraction of the time or cost; Significantly lower vehicle reconditioning costs, extend lease cycles, reduce capital expenditure, and increase employee and customer engagement.

3. Environmentally Responsible

Final Touch services are centered on a ‘repair not replace’ philosophy.

We use fewer chemicals and solvents to achieve our repairs and services, and make the appearance of the vehicle easier to maintain- saving time, water, and the environment, and helping you meet your corporate responsibility goals and aspirations.

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