Paint Swirl and Scratch Removal

Deep wash swirls and surface scratching lines on clear coat is an area where Final Touch excels in correcting. When a car is, incorrectly, cleaned the dirt is clumped together and dragged along the paint surface. Brushed cashwash machines are very good at damaging...

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Holden GTS Water Spot Removal

You can tell a master detailer by how they restore dark colours. What's more, their ability to remove contamination from the paintwork while respecting the longevity of the clear coat. Deep pitting and mineral spoting from environmental pollutants and washing can...

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Nissan Tida Headlight Repair

Failed a warrant of fitness because of yellowed UV faded headlights, or are you headlights not throwing a beam like they use to? Either way, there is a method to restore those yellow, dull headlights back to their original clarity. Providing for many years of passing...

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Classic Ford F100 Paint Detailing

We relish the chance to perform our magic on classic vehciles. These beauties of the road are worth the time and effort to get it right. For this Ford F100 in deep red, water spotting and swirls affected the look and feel of the paint. It's was our mission to restore...

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Black Toyota Land Cruiser Paint Correction

Incorrect washing and brushing up against shrubs can leave many thousands of fine swirl lines reflecting the light in all the wrong ways. Full detailig and paint correction of swirls and fine line wash marks takes time and patience. In many cases, it can be better to...

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Subaru Legacy Paint Chip Repair & Detailing

Dark colours can be the making or breaking for car detailers. Any car detailer worth their salt must know how to correctly cut and polish dark shades without adding in holograms and swirls. This late model Subaru Legacy showcases the skill set of the Final Touch...

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Hyundai Paint Water Spot Removal

Harsh mineral water spotting on car paint slowly accumulates in layers until one day you realise that you can no longer see any shine in your paintwork. What's more, they won't wash away, and generally cutting, and polishing does not shift them either, because of the...

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Classic BMW M5 Paint Detailing and Chip Repair

Working on appreciating modern classics is all part of a normal day's work for the Auckland South Final Touch team. Full paint detailing, cut and polish restoration with paint chip repairs can take tired looking vehicles to amazing in just a few hours. This much-loved...

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Bentley Foam Clean and Paint Detailing

Deep foam cleaning of the paint followed by a full paint surface cut polish detailing restoration process. The Auckland South Final Touch team had an exciting day out with this coveted Bentley convertible. An excellent colour combination to work with and show off the...

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Porsche Paint Wet Sanding & Detailing

In extreme cases where the paint is significantly swirled and markedt by fine scratch lines. It can be more beneficial to determine the clearcoat condition as best for wet sanding before cutting and polishing. This process allows us to open up a fresh layer of clear...

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Suzuki Swift Headlight Restoration

Failed a warrant because of your headlights? Been told that you will have to replace them?   Our process of headlight resurfacing completely removes all of the old UV damaged surface from the plastic. Prepares the headlights for a new UV rated coating that will...

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Holden SV6 Detailing & Ceramic Coating

Full paint restoration, paint chip repair, and DuraSeal Premium coating brought the life back and restored the depth of colour for this black Holden SV6. A much-loved SV6 with many paint chips, wash mark swirls with fine line scratches in the paint. These types of...

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Tip & Tricks For Maintaining That Shine

When cleaning a vehicle try to remove the heavier dirt items with a higher pressure wash. Follow this with a good emulsifying cleaner that releases the dirt from the paint surface. Minimising scratching. Wash top down, cleaning the wheels last with a specific brush. Always dry the vehicle back and never wash hot paint, as this risks etching in water spots.

Our recommendation is to use a high-quality sealant like DurSeal or OptiCoat Pro, to minimise the need for polishing and waxing. However, when polishing or waxing, ensure the paint surface is cool and the touch and is away from direct sunlight. Apply in uniform motion following manufacturers directions.

Often forgotten until it's really bad. Care of your vehicle glass is important for the long term value and overall feeling of ownership. If your glass has got water spots on it, it's possible we may be able to remove them. However, some glass is quite soft and very easily etched by water spots.

The Final Touch Guarantee To You

Your Final Touch operator treats your vehicle with the respect they would have for their own and undertake their services in a professional manner. Seeking the highest possible standards. Having discussed the process and expected results with you beforehand. If for any reason you are unhappy with their service. Contact us and arrange a visit to put it right.