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VW Paint Detailing Mirror Finish

Full Paint Detailing Cut and Polish! Deep clean removal of environmental pollutants. Tar, Bee Pollen and Calcified Water Spots Removed. Full surface paint detailing cut and polish paint restoration. While many vehicles go through brushed car washes creating deep swirl...

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White chalky paint detailing cut and polish

By removing all forms of UV damage chalked paint from the surface, a fresh bright layer of glossy reflective paint is exposed, revealing a bright white shine. It's our process of paint detailing, which sets Final Touch apart from others. The transformation of yellowed...

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Toyota Land Cruiser Paint Restoration (Black)

Deep swirl scratches in car paint? Incorrect washing equipment and brushed car wash machines. Dirty drying equipment. Bush bashing. While deep swirls in car paint can be difficult to remove, they are simple in process. Swirls in vehicle paint make a good car look bad...

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Aston Martin Stone Chip Repairs

After many miles of highway and track use this Aston Martin was showing signs of enjoyment. With significant stone chip damage covering the front end of the vehicle. Take a look through the video and you will get an idea of how significant the damage was. Final Touch...

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Removing Scratches From Car Paint

Modern automotive clear coats vary between manufacturer and model. Incorrect removal of scratches from car paint will likely see a full respray of the affected area. The general rule of thumb, or finger, is that if you can run your fingernail in the scratch and it...

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Nissan Headlight Renovation

Having UV damaged headlights can significantly reduce the range of your headlights at night. Our headlight repair and restoration process for fully removes any yellowed coatings and UV damaged plastic. Exposing a fresh new layer on which to apply a new UV rated...

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How to Remove Water Spot Stains

Water spot stains on clear coat normally result from  Hard water contamination when washing. Not drying the car back after cleaning. Environmental contaminants.  While water spot stains are annoying, they are not the end of the world. They can make a good vehicle look...

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Stone Chips and Paint Reconditioning

Black cars are always fun. We love the way that our spray and wipe stone chip repair process blends the repair with the existing paint work. Moreover, we really enjoy seeing how our three stage paint reconditioning process can result in a better than factory new...

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Very Big Blue

The removal of water spotting from paint-work is normally associated with plenty of hash buffing and grinding of paint-work. However, our water sport and calcification cleaner we can make light work of the task. What's more, it's very safe on your paint and...

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Lusty Gold

Just got to love gold when it's really glowing. This one came to us dull and in need of a few stone chips and other marks tidied up. We began with a good clean back of the paint water spot/ calcification clean back. Removing the water spots and calcification marks...

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Supercharged Beauty

Our first and probably only, Auburn Boat-tail Speedster, this supercharged beauty was a challenge on many levels. Sure paint is as paint does. However, this vehicle had been hammered in all the wrong ways. The black was more grey than black and lacked any sense of...

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Mad Bad Bunny

Providing full paint correction to a deep wet high gloss mirror finish black. This mad, bad bunny paint work came out very nice. Three hours of corrective buffing and finishing with Scholl 30+. In preparing the car for an upcoming show and photo shoot. What's more,...

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Tip & Tricks For Maintaining That Shine

When cleaning a vehicle try to remove the heavier dirt items with a higher pressure wash. Follow this with a good emulsifying cleaner that releases the dirt form the paint surface. Minimising scratching. Wash top down, cleaning the wheels last with a specific brush. Always dry the vehicle back and never wash hot paint, as this risks etching in water spots.

Our recommendation is toi use a high quality sealant like DurSeal or OptiCoat Pro, to minimise the need for polishing and waxing. However, when polishing or waxing, ensure the paint surface is cool and vehicle is away form direct sunlight. Apply in uniform motion following manufacturers directions.

Often forgotten until it's really bad. Care of your vehicle glass is important for the long term value and overall feeling of ownership. If your glass has got water spots on it, it's possible we may be able to remove them. However, some glass is quite soft and very easily etched by water spots.

The Final Touch Guarantee To You

Your Final Touch operator treats your vehicle with the respect they would have for their own and undertake their services in a professional manner. Seeking the highest possible standards. Having discussed the process and expected results with you before hand. If for any reason you are unhappy with their service feel free to contact us and arrange a visit to put it right.