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Final Touch Auckland are recognised as approved applicators for Ceramic Coatings Dura Seal G4, Opti-Coat Pro and Optic-Coat Plus paint protection products. Providing quality service in the Auckland region since 1992.

Watch As Water Beads Away!

Correctly applied paint protection will have the affect of beading water away.

Who is it for?

Are you short on time and still want to enjoy that just waxed look. Then paint protection could be right for you. Simple, faster cleaning and drying of your car and boat.

key points

Protects the surface shine and weather resistance. Providing protection from UV damage and environmental pollutants. Removes the need for waxing. Makes for simpler, quicker cleaning.


Both Dura Seal G4 and Opti Coat Pro/Plus are designed to help you preserve the new paint look, feel and value. Providing a sacrificial barrier.


6 Saturn Place, Rosedale


Workshop: 8am – 5:30pm M-F

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the need to know

What you should know about paint protection, application and care.

When it comes to application of ceramic paint protection. Preparation is key to the products longevity and overall success. Forming a strong bond to the paint surface requires the correct preparation process. The guys at Final Touch Auckland, are skilled masters in preparing the cleanest of surfaces for your paint protection product to form a lasting bond. As with any product your Final Touch operator can assist in the long term care.

Special Deals*

Limited time pricing deals on Dura Seal G4, Opti-Coat Pro/Plus.

Enultimate car lover gift

Have a lover of cars to buy for? Final Touch can provide the ultimate gift pack for you.

For The Lover of Cars
Our paint reconditioning and Opti-Coat services make for the perfect gift.

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You Name It, We’ll Be there.


6 Saturn Place, Rosedale, Auckland.

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*Special Deals; Important Information:
Pricing for product application excludes any paint correction or repair of paint chips. Every effort has been made to ensure pricing is correct at time of release. If you are unsure about what might be required for your vehicle please use the contact details on this page to arrange a quote.