Automotive Paint Protection Coatings


When looking at protective coatings be sure to research both the product and the people applying the product.

Key Points

Protects paint from UV damage, removes the need for waxing. Protects leathers and fabrics from spills and UV damage.

Who Is It For?

People who are short on time but still want to enjoy the look of a waxed vehicle. While also reducing the cleaning time.


DuraSeal and OptiCoat ceramic coatings protect and preserve the long term look, feel and value of your vehicle.

Automotive Paint Coatings

From the time your new vehicle is exposed to the  elements, its clear coat is hit with environmental pollutants, road grime, bird droppings and UV damage just to name a few. If protecting your new or much loved cars shine is important. A ceramic paint protection product could be the right choice for you.

Designed to protect your vehicles factory clear coat.

          Chemically bonded to the clear coat

100x thicker than .02 micron coat leaft by waxes.

Watch As Water Beads Away!

Correctly applied paint protection will have this affect for many years. Making cleaning a breeze.

Protective Coatings

Browse through a collection of vehicles that have undergone DuraSeal or OptiCoat Pro Paint Protection.

New Vehicle
When purchasing a new vehicle, ensure that the paint surface has not  been buffed and left swirls and holograms in the paint. Applying a paint sealant to this will leave your vehicle looking like it has done several hundred thousand k’s.
Much Loved
Your vehicle has a few miles on it. However, you have had it cut polished and corrected. Now you want to protect it. This is the correct time to consider paint correction.
Dealer or Specialist
Consider that dealers often turn grooming staff over at an alarming rate. In contrast, a specialist has their reputation at stake when applying a specialised product designed to last for many years when applied correctly.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic protective clear coats provide a hard wearing (9h, OptiCoat Pro) barrier for protecting the vehicles paint surface. Providing resistance to light scratching resulting from wash marks and environmental pollutants. Protective paint coatings like DuraSeal and OptiCoat Pro extend the life of the paint by significantly reducing the impact of UV damage. In many cases a protective paint coating will offer up to 97% additional UV protection. IN contrast, normal wax’s may provide 75% or less protection over much shorter periods of time.

How Do They Work?

Ceramic paint coating like DuraSeal and OptiCoat Pro create a cross linking polymer, forming continuos permanent protective layer for all modern paints. What’s more the both products can be used on metals and hard plastics. Final Touch operators are trained in the correct application of both DuraSeal and OptiCoat Pro. Providing you with the assurance of lasting quality.
Do You Wax?
Are you a weekend cleaner and once a month waxer? If so then paint protection is a good option for you. You will come out ahead and not have to worry. More time for the weekend.
Car Wash or Hand Wash?
Do you often use the brushed cart wash at the service station? If yes then paint protection is NOT for you. Those brush systems create many fine lines where pollutants get trapped.

If you are a hand washer, then YES. Paint protection is for you.

Short on Time?
You like your car to look its best but you are short on time. Then YES paint protection is for you.

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