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Adding PPF protection against stone chips and paint damage is now more cost effective and accesible than ever.

What You Should Know

Everyday wear and tear impacts certain parts of your car’s paintwork and exterior more than others. PPF Paint Protection Film is scratch resistant and extremely durable. It is invisible to the naked eye, protects common areas from everyday wear and tear, and adds gloss and shine while remaining easy to clean and is virtually maintenance free.

What’s more, modern products are optically clear, UV stabilised and non-yellowing.

3M and Stek Paint Protection PPF films mould to your car’s surface. They seal in the paint finish and can add an extra level of gloss, while adding a self-healing layer that is durable and scratch reistant. Brilliant for high impact areas and those prone to scuffs and damage like Door Sills and Top of Rear Bumper. PPF offers you the ability to protect the look of your car without altering the colour.

We use 3M and STEK films for their protection and longevity properties. They are optically clear, UV stabilised and non-yellowing. The film is 0.5mm thick and can self-heal over time from wash marks, swirls and minor abrasion impacts with exposure to heat from the sun or can be accelerated by expert help from one of our technicians.  Once applied its difficult to detect and is 100% removable if required.  The film holds tight to the vehicle surface and with its UV stabilised properties provides lasting stone chip, abrasion and light paint damage protection while looking sharp and smooth.


quality service from certified installers

Our Application Process

Adding PPF protection against stone chips and paint damage is now more cost effective and accessible than ever.

Our application process starts with ensuring that all dirt is removed from the area to have the stone chip protection film applied- ensuring that we do not trap dirt behind the film.

We then precision laser cut out the PPF to fit your vehicle perfectly.  Most modern vehicles after 2012 have computer cut templates for them. We apply the stone chip protection film to the most vunerable areas of your car such as door cups, bumper, door sills, mirrors, headlights and handles ensuring that all the edges are matched and no bubbles* are left under the film.

The film is almost invisible and protects it from everyday wear and tear, is easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. Our technicians are certified installers of 3M and STEK PPF products which come with 7 and 10 year Manufacturers Warranties respectively.

These films are optically clear, UV stabilsed and  non-yellowing.

Step One

Fully clean the areas where the paint protection film is to be applied. We also clean the surrounding areas to ensure that no dirt gets under the film.

Step Two

Either computer cut (if template is available) or manually template the area to have paint protection film applied.

Step Three

Apply the film and remove water and air bubbles from beneath the film. Trim edges to remove excess film which may pull away. Present vehicle ready for use to you, our customer.

We Can Do It All

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Our Most common areas to protect are:

Door Cups

Door Edges

Top Of Rear Bumper

Door Sills

Front of Bonnet


What Areas Should I Do

All Or Some?

Our technicians will talk with you about how you use your vehicle, and this will help to determine which options best suits your needs long term. It’s usually best to have Door Cups, Door Edges and Top of Rear Bumper done, plus the Door sills. For regular highway travellers, full bumper, mirrors and the leading edge of the bonnet are good add ons.  Tradies and Construction workers will definitely want to include door sills.  Talk with us about what areas are problematic and where we can help you.

What Cars Can Be Done?

Bascially any car, ute or van can benefit from PPF film in high impact areas. Each vehicle design has weak spots where stone chips are more more likely to occur. Talk to us about where these are and how we can help.

How Long Does It Last?

3M UV stabilised film can last for many years with 7 to 10 year manfacturer warranties. What’s more, with our PPF care packs we can help you keep it looking like new.


When looking for a quality PPF, ensure that the one you go for is UV stabilised and offers a level of self healing while remaining optically clear.

Key Points

Prevents normal stone chip damage, can prevent minor parking building scuff damage; removing the need to repaint, and is non-yellowing.

Who Is It For?

Any vehicle owner or company who cares for their car and wants to protect it the best as possible from daily wear and tear.


With built in UV protection and self healing properties, our 3M PPF helps to protect the long term value and appearance.

PPF Protection Options

PPF Protection Options- Talk to us about what areas best suit your needs, and about package options;
 Door Cups (from $50 each): Unsightly scratches from fingernails, rings, or car keys.
 Door Edges (from $50 each): Chips and scrapes to the paint from contact with walls or other vehicles.
 Top of Rear Bumper (from $250): Scratches from loading and unloading items from boot compartment
 Door Sills (from $80 each): Work boots, hard footwear and daily wear and tear, especially on the driver’s side.
 Bonnet Protector*: Stone chips from NZ motorway and highway driving
 Front Bumper*
 Headlights* and Wing Mirrors*
 Full vehicle PPF film protection*

Note- PPF Paint Protection Film services not available in all regions. Check your local operator services page listing for details.
*Contact Us for Pricing options. These Services are available in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch only.

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